Sunday, March 21, 2010

Vegan Soul Kitchen : Terry Bryant

Well....I know...its been a minute since my last post.  Shameful!  I've been a busy bee lately.  Many apologies!

I have (no surprise) been reading some great new cookbooks.  My favorite by far has been Vegan Soul Kitchen from Terry Bryant.  THIS COOKBOOK IS PHENOMENAL! 

When I first picked it up at the library, it was on a whim.  I was thinking that it might be interesting, but didn't really expect to like it that much.  Boy - I was wrong!  The ingredients are accessable and up to my whole, natural food standards, and even though I am not vegan, I love that I now have an arsenal of recipes to go to that do not use dairy or eggs.  These recipes are such a far cry from your traditional "soul food" dishes - but in a VERY good way.  I will be buying this book from Amazon - and I suggest you do the same (or at least go get it from your library!).

As I said before, I've been crazy busy, and haven't had time to bake like I would like.  So I unfortunately do not have any recipes or stories to share.  I plan on making several dishes, though, from Vegan Soul Kitchen, and will post my triumphs (or failures) as they come. 

Happy Eating! 

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